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Split-dollar agreements look a lot like interest-free loans.

A marital separation agreement is an agreement between a husband and wife to settle important issues that arise when a couple decides to separate or divorce. These issues include: Choosing […]

The final regulations do not require a standalone agreement for FATCA.

Just like any other agreement, this one comes with a number of risks: In order to look after her daughter, our client, a high-power banker requested a flexible working pattern. […]

The Agreement is not intended to apply to employees.

Prenuptial agreement (pre-nup) atau yang biasa disebut perjanjian pra nikah masih sering dianggap tabu di Indonesia. Padahal, perjanjian ini penting dibuat sebelum menikah untuk memperjelas harta, hak, serta kewajiban pasangan […]

It is very important that the agreement is recorded in a legally binding order.

According to the legal nonprofit Human Rights First, the FSA required that immigration authorities "release children from immigration detention without unnecessary delay in order of preference beginning with parents and […]

These Terms constitute a fully binding agreement between Waze Mobile Ltd.

Founder Yaroslav Goncharov told Forbes that later iterations of user agreement will most likely remove references to the right to access FaceApp user images. His reasoning for its inclusion in […]